Provides clinical data for research and education, Assists in protecting the legal interest of the patients, physicians and the hospital, Provides a means of communication between the physician and other professionals contributing to the patients care, Serves as a basis for planning individual patients care, Serves as a basis for analysis, study and evaluation of the quality of care rendered to the patients.

Assists in the designing of forms for hospital use, Assists in the quantitative analysis of patients care, Registration of Deaths, Preparation of Hospital statistics on monthly, quarterly and annually to the Federal Ministry of Health.

Coding and indexing of patient’s diagnoses, Issuance of new cards to patients, Storing and retrieval of patients case notes.

The Cardiothoracic Unit of the Department of Surgery, UNTH has been working since the sixties and in 1974 1st open heart surgery in Nigeria was performed. Many thoracic cases, open heart surgery, pacemaker insertion, cardiac catheterization among others were being handled as routine programmes.

In 1984 UNTH was declared National Cardiothoracic Centre of Excellence. Prof Ransome- Kuti, the then Minister of Health promised to upgrade the centre’s activities to world class with exception of heart transplant programme. Mission of the centre is to make significant impact through prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, with excellence in cardiothoracic surgery, manpower training and cardiovascular research.