Diseases That Affect The Lymphatic System

Lymph is a colorless fluid which comes from the blood plasma. Lymphatic system helps the body to release the toxins and is important for the proper functioning of the body. It returns the plasma proteins to the bloodstream and helps to remove the interstitial fluid and helps to carry the white blood cells to and from the bones and lymph nodes. The lymphatic system consists of tissues and organs which consists of lymph vessels, lymph nodes and the lymph. Immunologists treat the diseases that affect the lymphatic system and some of these diseases are stated below:

Hodgkin’s lymphoma: This is a lymphatic disease and a type of cancer which is caused when the white blood cells in the body are damaged or trapped in diseases. 

Lymphedema: This is a condition where chronic swelling in the limbs is caused because the lymph fluid gets collected and happens when the lymphatic system doesn’t function properly or is damaged. It may even affect the face, neck and abdomen.

Castleman disease: This is disease which occurs because of benign tumors and it causes problems in the lymph nodes. It is not exactly a cancer, but it is somewhat equivalent to a lymphoma and is usually treated with chemotherapy. The lymph nodes of chest as well as stomach are affected in localized Castleman disease. The multicentric Castleman disease affects more than one region of lymph nodes and also the lymphoid-containing organs like spleen.

Lymphangiomatosis: This is a disease that involves multiple cysts or lesions formed because of the lymphatic vessels. It is the benign tumor of the smooth muscles of the lymphatic in the lungs. It is a rare disease which is believed to be congenital and the disease is diagnosed in people who are below 20 years or it is diagnosed in children. It affects several parts of body except the central nervous system.

Lymphangiosarcoma: This is a rare malignant soft-tissue tumor, which is caused wither in the upper or the lower lymphedemateous extremities and the effective treatment is the amputation of the affected limb. 

Elephantiasis: It is an infection of the lymphatic vessels which causes enlargement of the lymph areas, thickening of the skin and enlargement of underlying tissues, especially in the legs and male genitals. It rarely causes swelling in vulva and is caused by prodoconiosis or filariasis.


Lymphatic filiaris: This is a disease which affected humans about 400 years ago in which the parasitic worms, the thread like nematodes infiltrate the lymph system through mosquito bite.

Lymphoid leukemia: It is also known as “leukemia” which affects the circulating lymphocyte cells. When group of cells grow in an uncontrollable manner this disease and the following disease lymphomas is caused. Lymphoid leukemia begin in the bone marrow and leukemia is defined as lymphoid or myeloid depending on the type of blood forming cell in the bone marrow the abnormal cells of leukemia develop from. 

Lymphomas: It is the cancer of the lymphatic system and lymphoma develops when a few lymphocytes become uncontrollable as they can build in lymph nodes, in spleen, bone marrow and also other places in the body. 

Lymphadenopathy: This disease is caused by inflammation of lymph nodes. Lymphadenopathy is a secondary complication in a lot of diseases like sarcoidosis, amyloidosis, etc.